Fight Night: JC Alvarado mot Olivier Busquet
Apr 21, 2016 – 12:00 | No Comment

Inatt svensk tid går pokerspelarna Olivier Busquet och JC Alvarado upp i ringen mot varandra i en MMA fight, som utspelar sig på gymmet MMA Syndicate i Las Vegas.
Spelarna har slagit vad om $150k (JC) respektive …

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Clock paused. Last 7 hands…
Apr 1, 2012 – 02:31 | | No Comment

We will play 7 more hans on both tables before we wrap it up for today. It’s been a long day and we have maximized the time by playing all 9 levels. We are still …

Finland takes another hit
Apr 1, 2012 – 02:05 | | No Comment

This time it is Tomi Huuskonen doubling up José Ruivo with against Josés
José flops the win when the board plays and José now has almost 200k…

Nuno Capucho takes out Antonino Agnello
Apr 1, 2012 – 02:00 | | No Comment

Antonino Agnello and Nuno Capucho end up all-in preflop in a standard coinflip.
Nuno plays and Antonino
Board is and Antonino is sent packing in 14th place…

Last level of the day has started
Apr 1, 2012 – 01:58 | | No Comment

We are playing level 19 which will be the last level no matter how many players are still in.
At the moment we have 14 players at the tables with an average of 318,600. Blinds are …

David Metelo doubles up
Apr 1, 2012 – 01:55 | | No Comment

Joni Jouhkimainen calls when the shortstacked David Metelo is all-in preflop.
Joni shows and David has
Joni picks up a gutshot on the flop but nothing on the board helps him and David Metelo …

Split pot
Apr 1, 2012 – 01:41 | | No Comment

It’s folded over to our chipleader Martin Dahlqvist in small blind who puts in a raise of 21,000. Joni Jouhkimainen calls from big blind.
They see the flop and Martin c-bets 33,000 and gets a …

Martin Dahlqvist eliminates Emanuel Jesus
Apr 1, 2012 – 01:28 | | No Comment

Emanuel Jesus clich-raises to 20,000 from middle position and over to Martin Dahlqvist who makes it 48,000 from the button. Back to Emanuel who almost instantly moves all-in and Martin is clearly bothered by his …

40 minutes since the bubble…
Apr 1, 2012 – 00:55 | | No Comment

…and we have already lost 10 players.
Clock is paused and we are closing a table and are now down to two tables.
Next goal is the final nine…

In the money chip counts
Apr 1, 2012 – 00:51 | | No Comment


Martin Dahlqvist  540,000
Patric Mattsson  260,000
Robin Appell  130,000
Joakim Garlert  100,000


Tomi Huuskonen  400,000
Joni Jouhkimainen  250,000
Aapo Kurki  120,000


Emanuel Jesus  450,000
Lima de Carvalho  310,000
Frederico Silva  179,000
Nuno Capucho  175,000
David Metelo  140,000
António Mondim  130,000
Ricardo Simões  90,000
Henrique Custódio  60,000
José Ruivo  48,500
Francisco Costa …

Jose Ruivo doubles up
Apr 1, 2012 – 00:43 | | No Comment

Jose Ruivo goes all-in from UTG shortstacked and gets a caller from Finnish player Joni Jouhkimainen in big blind.
Jose turns over and Joni plays
Board comes and Jose doubles up to just over …